NICE Society is dedicated to serve the community and the country as a whole with a mission to fulfill the genuine needs of professional education in various fields of Engineering, Technology, Management, Medical Sciences and other related fields. In addition to creating the quality human resource in the niche and emerging areas, it has a social responsibility to serve the disadvantaged and poor people of our nation.
With the above goals in mind the NICE Society, set up in 1989, has set up two Institutes of Engineering & Technology at Meerut (UP) and Gangoh, Distt. Saharanpur (UP) and a Management College at Meerut. The Society is also in a process of setting up a 500-bed hospital and medical research centre at Gangoh to serve the people in and around this area where there is no good medical facilities within a radius of 50 kms. Out of this project, 100-bed hospital is already functional.

The institutions of the Society shall create technocrats and managers with built-in qualities of sincerity, honesty, ambition and ethical values. Our major emphasis is to promote professionalism and entrepreneur skills.
We are working to collaborate with the best institutions from within India and abroad and are fully confident that our graduates shall be comparable to the very best from throughout the world. I am sure that NICE Society shall contribute in creating a NICE world for the coming generations. I wish all the best to our students.
Shobhit Kumar
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